Tale 097 ~Braxton’s Needlessly Picky Virgil…~

Soon I will end up in a waiting room with crappy magazines. A car dealership, the mechanic down the street, or a health clinic. With Braxton, it was an orange bench and “my” thoughts. A picky thing, books? Braxton’s Needlessly Picky Virgil…

Friday, October 6, 2023

Tale 097 ~Braxton’s Needlessly Picky Virgil…~

Hey Lady Sophia,
Let ME tell you a story… As soon as I find one. Best thing I’ve read today or not. Day Job schedule

It thrills, terrifies, and takes stones, not knowing what I’m doing to get paid again. Oh, how I miss my son. Let me count the ways. When it came to Braxton, money was no object, Sophia. Unfortunately, his Daddy was lazy and angry. And by my math, that equals one thing. Indifference. Is that why I want to read about dead fur babies? To feel what I should have felt the moment Braxton tried to tell me something was wrong. I swear these people. My Lady, they do anything and everything for their fur kids. Where was I, Sophia? Hmm. Reading and writing. As if I really believed I was getting brighter and taking care. Repetition, that’s what Hell is. Repetition. My boy’s death repeated.

Hell! I didn’t find him alive in Virgil. But I see him leaving me, again and again, and again, My Lady. And before his passing… okay, and after with what I’ve been doing all day. Lust would be my darkest sin. It’s Friday, September 29, 2023. A whole week, Sophia. Anyway, if I have to go and TRY to get the car fixed, I need a book that takes my mind off things. I continue to think about Backyard Dungeon 2 by Logan Jacobs. But didn’t I say something about one of the races in the first one? The Nictors? To take offense? Lady Sophia, with everything in the world today and me paying these racists anyway, hmm. There’s other HaremLit, Erotica, Carnival of Flesh

And how about all the other books I have in the Kindle Library? There’s something educational every now and again. Funny, this fascination with reading kept me out of textbooks. But with the Republican party these days. Righteousness over wickedness. That’s the easiest decision to make. Yeah, the GOP are the baddies, Obviously, My Lady. Only choosing between books filled with wise words I will never follow. There are stories of crimes that would keep me on the straight and narrow path… Ha-Ha! What about something to help Virgil? As if I have patience… sitting in bed, talking. Braxton had it easy: peanut butter, cheese, or hot dogs. Free Will? More like spoiled. Sophia? All because I’m lacking waiting room reading. Braxton’s Needlessly Picky Virgil…

978 Days Without B III, Day 419 of Virgil’s Arrival

BLM Braxton’s Life Matters,

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