Tale 132 ~That’ll B Crime Virgil~

Reading’s no crime. One shouldn’t ban or burn books. But the things I’ve read this week. Poor Olivia’s passing. Her Dad and Hammy are heartbroken. PORN, and no, I don’t mean a Playboy. And when I can’t read, I think, “That’ll B Crime Virgil.”

Friday, November 10, 2023

Tale 132 ~That’ll B Crime Virgil~

Hey Lady Sophia,
Let ME tell you a story… At what, 3:00 PM, in the afternoon? Because I was far too lazy to get up.

Can’t get it up. Something was up this morning, my lady. But there is always time for me to be disturbing, disgusting, and depraved. What about dead? No such luck. But Braxton remains in a box. And it looks like he’ll have some company…Relax, V is “Safe and Sound.” But Olivia, as in Hammy and Olivia, has passed. I’m one for pop culture, so I heard. It’s “Times Like These,” I get the whole bashing, banning, and burning books routine bull. But I’m not afraid of knowledge. It’s the fact that I don’t want to be sad. And how many books did I read about pet loss in a couple of years? What about the idea of reincarnation or cloning? The Last Conversation, Paul Tremblay…

I read it for the Kindle Challenge, Lady Sophia. Do you know that saying about if a tree falls in the forest? Sophia, I know this isn’t the meaning of it, but thinking about this. Doctor Anne Kuhn, “cloned,” “injected memories,” whatever you want to call it, into another life. But since everyone else is either dead or gone… Wondering, “Is It A Crime?” Sigh, certain things come up while I’m at the Day Job. Is it right to buy a NaNoWriMo shirt when you lose? I haven’t written one word for any story this month. That’s the truth. How about this? How long will I mourn Braxton’s death? Forever and Always, “I’ll Be Ready.” Again, I think of Schwarzwald: “Don’t be afraid of knowledge.”

Especially when so many villains and monsters come off as “Thinkers.” Speaking of which, I wouldn’t mind rereading the Theta Timeline book series. But what am I reading this week? PORN: A Novel of Extreme Horror, Sex and Gore by Matt Shaw, my lady. I do enjoy torturing myself. I have to take everything I’ve ever enjoyed and then… As the song goes, “Why do the things I hate come so naturally?” Because criminality?” Sophia, that’s a whole new topic about the skin I’m in… Today, The Banality of Evil. Yesterday, I saw somebody get kicked off of X/Twitter for something. And I realized today that I had done something similar without… you guessed it, knowledge. Read all about it. Or That’ll B Crime Virgil.

1013 Days Without B III, Day 454 of Virgil’s Arrival

BLM Braxton’s Life Matters,

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