Saga 306 ~B We Trust, Virgil~

I told B III everything. I had to give him “The Talk.” Regarding his “Aunt Carolina.” Like father, like son. The internet made things easier with books and… umm, beauty. I swear to keep track. And Virgil? Do I trust him? Did Dante? B We Trust, Virgil

Wednesday, May 3, 2023

Saga 306 ~B We Trust, Virgil~

Forgive Me, Echo,
I AM a Billionaire right now. Only I will take a Handy Dandy notebook over a portfolio any day of the week.

Speaking of which, I am continuing to time travel. Today is Saturday, April 29, 2023. Inspector, I can say I’ve been somewhat productive. I’ll lose more money on the 30th. Today, ha! I have a plethora of books to buy. I’m slightly pissed that I didn’t do it this morning. And before that, I said I’d do it last night. Then again… (sigh) listing excuses? That comes later. For now, let’s talk about books. Or how about the fact that I like Kindle? That’s Kindle and not Kendall, aka Professor Kelsey Williams… Sandra McCoy. Geez! Inspector if could make a list of distractions and/or women that get me hard. Anyway, I wanted to talk about that, to be fair. But hiding behind so many books.

Again better books than boobs. “This Is America.” Better books than bullets. My sin Echo. I bathe in Lust, not Violence (2nd and 7th Circles of Hell). Of course, that’s if I forget B III. I’m getting the 9th Circle for sure for what I did to my B. But not today. I’m still breathing. And with a father like mine… though, I couldn’t blame him if he kicked my ass for this one, to be honest. When We Were Young? When You Were Young. Hell! I’m a boy now. And as I sat in the barbershop today, I remembered when I had a folder of Jet and Ebony models. What the eff was I thinking when I was with “my” father and that folder.

Was I looking to die on that day? That’s another list I need to make. All the times I could have died. The only reason I’m glad I failed? It’s because, of course, I got to meet my little B. My son. Happy Memories? Inspector, how many times must I say it? I’m never Happy. Inspector, I haven’t been happy since I had my seventh birthday. What the Hell? Please! Those were the words that ended my happiness. However, there was a glimpse in 2002. Inspector, what was I supposed to say today? I wanted to write out all the chicks. So I could keep my pants on until later. Tell you the things I couldn’t tell Braxton. But trusting myself? B We Trust, Virgil

822 Days Without B III, Day 263 of Virgil’s Arrival

BLM Braxton’s Life Matters,

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