Saga 320 ~ I’ll B Listening, Virgil~

I’m listening to everything but B, and why? Because I’m not being the person, he thinks I am. He would give me one of his looks. And V’s in B’s room now because… Hell! At least he ain’t crying. I got no money to go anywhere. I’ll B Listening, Virgil.

Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Saga 320 ~ I’ll B Listening, Virgil~

Forgive Me, Echo,
I AM a Billionaire right now; this means I don’t have to listen to anybody or anything. The sound of EFFING silence!

Which is in my head right now because I don’t remember how this particular subject came up. I was at the Day Job “Dancing With Myself…” Please! Talking to myself. Anyway, Inspector, I was saying the saddest sound I ever heard was… then I blank. Inspector, do you want to know what the most horrific, helpless, heartbreaking sound is? B III. My son taking his last breath in this world right after. And right afterward, the vet told me, “He’s Gone.” Braxton’s heart, head, and happiness. Oh, I knew, I heard. And then the quiet. Next to that Inspector comes my first breath. No wonder I’m starting to hate meditation. Tuesday, Balance said, think of someone you have a “bad” relationship with. It’s me, hi.

But I was thinking of the ASM at the Day Job. You know how much I hate being laughed at. Next to that, the silence rears its head once again. My effing smile Echo. Disgusting. Why do I want to learn to kill zombies but love Necromancy? Killing the comedian. Inspector, I should kill the beggar as well. Again at the Day Job, when such and such a guy shows up, what do I start doing? Begging, beseeching, and bitching for his help Echo. I hate whining, kowtowing, and bending the knee. What kind of a man are you? Inspector, that’s something Suzy Lu asked. Well, not to me. YouTube is blaring in the background. Books, and lying alone in bed. Bitches, Man… Warm Bodies

I both want to and not. You know to listen to another woman. The worst sound in the world is the alarm clock blaring. Now I can say that for plenty of reasons but today. Inspector, I set it for midnight. That means again I restart another No FAPPING pledge. I hate the push of a button. Because, let’s say, seven out of ten times, it’s all about a porno. Hell! Inspector, I’m still listening to Succubus Lord yet again. And like I told one of the girls. I recall going to the barbershop with a folder full of bikini models. Why did I dare? Then there’s my moaning. Thinking, “Oh God, I’m gonna die alone.” Should listen to “my boys.” I’ll B Listening, Virgil

836 Days Without B III, Day 277 of Virgil’s Arrival

BLM Braxton’s Life Matters,

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