Saga 190 ~Virgil’s Fur, Braxton’s Mettle~

I’m no knight in shining armor. My mettle hasn’t been tested in comparison to others. The house is covered in the fur of both the quick and the dead. Then there’s the hoody I wear every day. Because I always look chill… Virgin’s Fur, Braxton’s Mettle

Saturday, January 7, 2023

Saga 190 ~Virgil’s Fur, Braxton’s Mettle~

Hey Lady Lu,
I AM a Billionaire right now, which means Braxton’s still alive. Don’t I wish? More for him than the money Lady Lunalesca.

I swear I would have gone full Repo Men on his ass. A suit of armor, new organs, and a cache of weapons to protect him. If you’re asking what’s this about, I watched “M3GAN.” Is it just me, or have the last couple of movies I’ve seen brought me to tears at some point? “M3GAN,” “Avatar: The Way of Water,” “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever?” “The Menu” only made me hungry. This brings me to my point. How does one buy food? Um, money Lu. STUPID question, I know. But short of my son, as the song goes, “Dollar dollar bill, y’all” has been on my mind. And what about Virgil and me? It’s getting pretty cold out. And if I thought summer was Hell…

At least Virgil’s fur coat will serve him well. But a friend says he needs a coat too. What about his own bed, bowl, and biscuit treats? Oh, he’s not eating any from B’s memorial. But it didn’t stop me from buying the same type Triple B would snack on. And this month is supposed to be about B III, shouldn’t it? How to honor his second year Lu. My power, protector, and pain. Hell! I haven’t asked for any time off yet, Lady Lunalesca. I remember the year before. I had a will of steel and an iron will when honoring my Little B. Now the only heavy metal I’m carrying… Where do you think I’ve been all morning? Lady Lunalesca, beginning like this?

A brand new year. And all I want to do is be as warm as V. All cozy in bed, not doing jack shit. But, um, jacking. You know what I want to say, but that’s for Inspector Echo, okay? Again there’s the money problem. Besides everything to continue Virgil’s and I’s existence… Braxton deserves something set in stone. A statue, ink across my flesh. And there’s been those SILVERCUT necklaces I’ve been eyeing forever. Well, two years for B. And finally, there’s my courage. I’ve failed my son and New Year’s Resolutions, oh no. That’s my existence. One big, OH NO. And to drag another fur baby into this mess after what happened to the last one. My idiocy’s spreading. Virgil’s Fur, Braxton’s Mettle

706 Days Without B III, Day 147 of Virgil’s Arrival

BLM Braxton’s Life Matters,

Episode 255 ~Iron Will Makes Steel~

Why say give me a minute, when I could take one, and time being so valuable and all but what have I wanted for such a long time, what do I need to snatch back, reclaim, even steal if necessary and it is. Iron Will Makes Steel

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Episode 255 ~Iron Will Makes Steel~

Forgive Me Echo,
How To Make One Million Dollars, become a Republican. After all, they make the best thieves. Still, I’m not that bad; bullies aren’t dominants. Don’t I need the brains to build a time machine. You see from where I’m speaking now; it’s Monday, so I’m stealing time? It wouldn’t be the first time I have become so sick and desperate. I’m not proud of it though there was a time when I stole. Reclaimed porn from my “father’s” computer. Then I’d dance around and call it heisting.

As for reclaiming something and taking porn back, this leads me to my first sin. Only is it; I’m still wondering that of many questions. Does Erotica count as porn, seeing a naked girl, how about paying a cosplayer. Technically today being Monday. I already looked up True Teen Babes and Street Blowjobs. Anyway back to sin, it’s not wrong for a drug addict to seek help in rehab. For an alcoholic to go to AA, so okay porn… Well, I did get this app Brainbuddy. Step one saying you have a problem and my only crime snickers is I’ll have to cancel it. At the end of this week, I like to pay my bills all at once. Now I’m not sure if I want the app or not. If I were to go back to the beginning and I hate this flashback. When I first discovered porn, it would either be Princess Ayeka from Tenchi Muyo “Hentai.” How about “dad’s” stash? That might explain some of my avoidance of black women for years.

You break it, and it’s yours, and I won’t get into who that tape belonged to but yeah. I stole cash. Would it help if I said it was life or death? Hell, maybe I am a Republican. I was trying to stay out of jail then. Yes stealing porn used to be my favorite past time. I haven’t for some time, don’t ask timeframe.

You know Patreon and the MILF, but now I am figuring out what I want. Yeah, I’m not giving up my viewing habits. I only need better control of myself. So I’m planning my biggest heist. That’s stealing back my life, mine. Too many people took away my reasons. I am learning, but they say I don’t have the brains, to believe in myself, in truth always to be me.

Isn’t that why I do this? People want to rob me, rip the smile off my face. Have reasons to hate me. These conversations are pretty much a bank vault. All they have to do is take what they want. With beauty comes great pain. Inspector Echo I apologize that I have fallen so far that it has come to outside intervention. Inspector Echo if I had to go to all the girls and all the companies where I gathered my collection, incredible. For not being strong enough to protect who I was. It has been so much time and coming so far; one day this Iron Will Makes Steel.

I Will Have No Fear

Episode 059 ~Iron Today, Will Tomorrow~

My head is made of stone today, and I wish I were a Tin Man because my flesh is killing me, after all, it is stronger than steel as was said in “Conan The Barbarian,” but everything feels so damn hard at the moment. “Iron Today, Will Tomorrow” *sigh*

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Episode 059 ~Iron Today, Will Tomorrow~

Forgive Me Echo,
Give Me One Reason to stop, other than the fact that it’s “set in stone,” but that’s the Internet for you, and wasn’t I lucky that it was in its infancy when I was in high school; yeah my age is both a crime and punishment. Talk about throwing dirt on my name, but will they remember me someday, what for I ask, well Inspector Echo, this covers a wide arrange of sins, probably more suited for Dirty Diana so I will tone it down today, hopefully.

I am not the man of steel, goes without saying, especially over the last few minutes… what I mean is I’m not the hero, I’m not exactly the villain either, or at least I hope not, but I’m not “made of stone.” Iron Will, an elemental metal, yes I spent most of my workday imagining different metals and stones; when you’re introducing yourself, well Will a.k.a. Iron Will, a.k.a. I Go Hard, and there we go back into that “adult situations” state of mind. Sex and violence, you see my writing takes care of my violent tendencies, for the most part, and the sex somewhat but I also want to own a brothel someday too.

Silence is golden, am I right but is that a sin, admitting a life goal, I want a lot in this world, and I want to say I’m going to earn it but I didn’t go to the library today to write and will I be working on my novel today? All that glitters is not gold, and that can be both a good thing and a bad thing, but as I often hear in my motivations, it’s good to be a dreamer but better to be a planner and a worker and I’m dreaming a lot lately. Too bad I’m awake when I do and when I’m in bed *sigh* it’s hard but I’m on Day 15 though I’m edging like crazy for sure.

Diamonds are forever, and that is what I need to be doing, pressure and time that’s what it takes with coal but how can I when I’m on fire, and I feel like at any moment there will be nothing left of me? Will you forgive me Inspector Echo for being so random today, for the sins I know that will remain and for attempting to dig myself up from beneath the stone, for being a “basic bro,” for wanting that Midas Touch, and for not appreciating what I am for the moment because I know, Iron Today, Will Tomorrow.

“The riddle… of steel.”

“Yes! You know what it is, don’t you boy? Shall I tell you? It’s the least I can do. Steel isn’t strong, boy, flesh is stronger! Look around you. There, on the rocks; a beautiful girl.” ― Conan the Barbarian (1982)

I Will Have No Fear