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September 2017

Lesson 082 ~Waiting to See It~

What are you waiting for, Ellie Goulding doesn’t have to wait for anything but I am waiting for the worst possible outcome at every single given opportunity. Waiting to See It, Pennywise doesn’t scare me so much as my wasted life.

Lesson 081 ~The Black Suits Comin’~

I wear my heart on my sleeve they say but nobody saw a thing, here I am supposedly trying to speak up and at the same time be invisible but which do you think I chose today? “The Black Suits Comin’” the government, the mourners, the gravediggers heh?

Lesson 080 ~Keep Calm, the Epidemic~

I would say I’m tired of trying to “Keep Calm”, stay afraid okay, keep sane, well I like to pretend, but how about “Stay Alive” one move night will be The Hunger Games but calm wow. Keep Calm the Epidemic, the world I don’t think is able to

Lesson 079 ~Be The Tenth Man~

What kind of man would I be, if I had a choice, would I be the man that gets girls, would I be a gentleman, I’ve never wanted to be Superman and I want Batman’s cash and you’ve heard, don’t try to be a great man, just be a man? Be The Tenth Man.

Lesson 078 ~Playing God, Good, Guy~

All work and no play, but what about some work and sitting on my behind, which is actually sort of perfect since I have been behind for quite some time now. “Playing God, Good, Guy” better than being a rock but what else could I be doing, try reading

Lesson 077 ~That’s Too Much Sauce~

It’s just too much but what am I supposed to do quit, maybe it would help if I ever got to bed at a decent hour but what are the odds of that happening anytime soon? That’s Too Much Sauce, would it hurt to have a day off

When Rules Yield

When does it become a rule, advice, some idea, a belief that suddenly becomes something that can’t be broken and then again all great leaders break the rules, only to bring about new ones and the like? “When Rules Yield”, time to make rules

Lesson 076 ~How Are You Lost~

I wonder which is bigger, the world or my own head, if anything at least the world comes with maps and there are plenty of places to run but why the hell am I running anyway. How Are You Lost, the heart knows its direction, breath too, and Will?

First Slam Problems

I was arrested when I was a kid so you would figure being an “adult” would give me some appreciation of freedom in this big wide wonderful world and yet I spend most of my time in a box. First Slam Problems, and second, third

Lesson 075 ~The Chain of Command~

I ain’t your boss, I’m Braxton’s friend, matter a fact I have plenty of friends, the thing is I’m not the boss, I do things and sometimes people just come with me I suppose. “The Chain of Command”, Braxton has his leash, and you have these words

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