Lesson 073 ~Bursting At The Seams~

Things I’m not into, talking in my sleep or self- harm and yet a word came out and how does one go about cutting the back of their own neck. “Bursting At The Seams”, it’s tearing me apart Luna or something like that I suspect, any thoughts?

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Lesson 073 ~Bursting At The Seams~

Hey Lady Lu,
No Fear, I don’t normally talk in my sleep but I swear right on cue as the alarms began buzzing the word “burst” was on my lips and I can’t fathom why? Is this going to be one of those nonsensical posts which just makes no sense and is better left screamed into a pillow, now where is the fun in that?

Speaking of which, when was the last time that I screamed ever, I was on the verge, and this is one of those things that just doesn’t do well in print, is that why I want to be louder, get others to do it for me, maybe I need some godawful tragedy. Am I that much of a heartless bastard, I already told you, I’ve been forgetting things, like having a stake in Hurricane Irma, hell I don’t but I still remember exactly where I was when 9/11 happened, haven’t I been talking about the days of “Sapphire”. Yet another reason I talk to you, because all my crap seems juvenile, compared to the greater troubles of the universe right?

Which gets us back to today’s lesson and how it must have taken a hell of a lot to get that one word out of me in my sleep, something out loud with nothing but Braxton to hear me and between me, you, and him we’re great listeners but not such smooth talkers. How about talking in general because I can’t figure out how I got the cut on the back of my neck, I mean it’s easy to say that Braxton did but I can’t confirm it. I came up with a joke today that either my dog or my bitch did it but that’s exactly the type of humor that gets you fired and I was tempting fate

I was on the cusp though Lady Lu, I could feel it in my bones, I mean how my novel is so bloated, I come up with excuses by the truck load to not talk, not in front of customers, chicken biscuits, and other people have their worries. The mask is starting to slip again, I kept quiet around one manager and another saw, a bit of my face too.

So what have I learned today or rather thought… maybe something inside me is trying to get out, and if I can’t find my voice, damn censorship but something is truly Bursting at The Seams.

I Will Have No Fear

Nobody’s Fuel

When I was a kid and hell even now I always heard that the way to handle a bully was to stand up to them, otherwise they keep coming, they won’t ever stop, it won’t ever stop. Nobody’s Fuel, the ride has to end somewhere

And I will be nobody’s fuel
What’s so funny?
Am I a joke to you?
Clown, Jester, do you think I’m a Mime?
Or is it just my face

because don’t I wish
I was that much of a fool
When it’s just me maybe
That makes you spill your guts
In one way or another

Whether it’s the latest rumor
Wait please not so fast
while you’ve been so cruel
Can’t I be World War III
Remember all the things you said

Let’s share nightmares
So scary right, so angry yes
But where you gonna run
Could I call this a duel?
No, won’t you stay with me

As what you did wasn’t cool
In fact, it was downright skeevy
Only don’t take it back
No way to move forward
I’m nobody’s fuel for tears

What I am is standing right here

Copyright © 2017 Second Circle Creations, Will A. Bradford Jr. All rights reserved.