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November 2017

Lesson 151 ~Just Another Red Shirt~

Is it a job, is it a career, is it dream, all I know is, for the most part, it’s a place that I don’t want to be. I don’t have to be, but then again while I obviously don’t care for my own life, my son likes eating most days. “Just Another Red Shirt”

Lesson 150 ~To Reshape The World~

If you asked me the last time I took a vacation, give me books, my warm bed, at most a trip to the movies, why do I need to go anywhere else, besides the fact that I might want to find her so the both of us can run away together. To Reshape The World

Lesson 149 ~Anger Is Better That Despair~

All I know is I rather not be the victim, and I don’t believe that all anger is necessarily bad, or at least that’s what everyone attempts to convince themselves of, and it seems like such an angry world and why not Anger Is Better That Despair.

Lesson 148 ~Feel Like Chicken Tonight~

Better to be a live chicken than a dead duck but so far I have declared a full-scale war on the chicken population considering the menu, so I’m not sure that’s in my best interest. Feel Like Chicken Tonight, hope not honestly

Lesson 147 ~Make Me Wanna Cry~

What makes you cry, if anything I’m supposed to be a man, but this isn’t the diary of a tired black man, that was a good movie by the way, but I haven’t anytime as you could see me passing out in the wee hours of the morning. “Make Me Wanna Cry”

Lesson 146 ~Staying In The Black~

Black all around us, I do mean words on the page, the time, along with my day job making all sorts of money because according to my paycheck I’m not in the slightest and yet I carry on with this farce of a book. “Staying In The Black” a while longer.

Lesson 145 ~The Bang Stops Here~

Don’t they know, it’s the end of the world… so what should they rather be doing in reality, how many people will die tonight looking for a gift; maybe this is why I have a dog but I want/need a wife too and the thing is… The Bang Stops Here

Lesson 144 ~Let’s Do The Math~

How many days did he waste his money on tutoring, how much did it cost for me to fail miserably and take a final exam twice just do my school could get rid of me, not to mention being a college dropout, now that’s a story? Let’s Do The Math

Lesson 143 ~You Want A Medal~

The dog needs me around though I don’t know why he stays, maybe he sees something I don’t and nobody else does but maybe someday “she” might or so I ask myself why I still believe. You Want A Medal, maybe something pretty, three little words, a ring?

Lesson 142 ~Stop Crying Your Heart Out~

Maybe if I was left with a few beers, sometimes as the song goes I wish it would rain, could I maybe go work out in the gym, how about having some woman in my bed, anything to stop talking about my feelings “Stop Crying Your Heart Out”

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