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December 2018

Episode 183 ~One Tough Act To Follow~

As the song goes, The Man Right Here got plenty lost this year, and its too easy to follow someone who has no idea where they are going isn’t it; so how do I know the right way… my comfort zone is hard enough. “One Tough Act To Follow”

Episode 182 ~The “Sent” Of Will~

I send good vibes to some, I keep none for myself, at least I hope they were right, beautiful, anything but my usual spiel much like today’s conversation and there will be plenty more. The Sent Of Will, ha

Episode 181 ~Will Sticks The Landing~

I can’t stand it, the waiting, the hoping, even the falling is a tad too exhausting for my taste but if one wants the gold… it sounds like I’m going for the Olympics, all the writing I’ve done where could I go wrong. Will Sticks The Landing

Episode 180 ~Sick Of Know Will~

Well aren’t I running late today with everything, bills, conversation, and I’m sure there is a NO someplace, but that would require asking the question and don’t I think I know everything hmm? Sick Of Know Will

Episode 179 ~Willies Under The Tree~

I wouldn’t make Santa out to be a pimp or a dominant, only the owner of a big corporation so that he doesn’t have to worry about money, with one woman he’s been with forever and some little ones that aren’t his but he cares… “Willies Under The Tree.”

Episode 178 ~A Professional Eraser Will~

Writer’s Block, yeah in a way because I have no clue what I was thinking today and then we had yesterday, I broke out of my place, got into a present, and of course cracked open one more book, and became someone else, sigh. A Professional Eraser Will

Episode 177 ~Will, He Knows Santa~

One day I do intend to have a house with a chimney and a vast fireplace and be it the roar of the fire, all the wrapping paper, or my mom’s Whitney Houston Christmas tunes I won’t mutter bah humbug. Will, He Knows Santa.

Episode 176 ~With A Little Faith Maybe~

Merry Christmas that is if Santa finds his way in, does he work for Amazon, is he delivering a pizza, sure he’s magic right, though it hasn’t hit me on today of all days, where once was the faith of a child is now this. With A Little Faith Maybe

Episode 175 ~Bells, Pails, Will Tell~

All I want for Christmas… that’s like a list of the women I want to (um okay) if anything I want my wallet to be as full as my fridge, my son, and what’s up with, the cleaning supplies and gift bags and no one’s named charity. Bells, Pails, Will Tell

Episode 174 ~William Things To Do~

If everything I had to do was worth one dollar and yes I include breathing in that and maybe one day I will be able to lounge around in bed all day and make money, but I don’t see that person yet. “William Things To Do.”

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