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February 2018

Lesson 232 ~Disease This Thing Called~

I’m just adding to my list of sins, poisons, and diseases, and if I can’t find a cure to such things I might die but I’m still breathing aren’t I, and while they say love is all you need well, my dog is doing his best. Disease This Thing Called

Lesson 231 ~Bad Things, Not Always~

All those who wander, hell some days I wish I could join them because even as I lie, here I’m lost just trying to find my place, a better place and wouldn’t it help getting up but then again? Bad Things, Not Always.

Lesson 230 ~The Anatomy of Hi~

One original sentence, I wonder does that count when you write fiction, how about when every word they want is a lie, or how about when you can’t honestly speak at all or do I just hate people that much. “The Anatomy Of Hi,” sorry I can’t write it ha

Lesson 229 ~Chocolate Game On Lock~

We’re all the same color when we turn out the light as the song goes and if the world can open its mind to a black superhero, hell I’ve always had an open mind or so I thought, at least when it comes to women. “Chocolate Game On Lock.”

Lesson 228 ~Came On The Internet~

What do you say to them, can’t I just nod to whatever because that’s all they want if not a good laugh at my expense, to think when I was a kid, I wanted to be a comedian for quite some time and nobody was laughing at all. “Came On The Internet”

Lesson 227 ~Why Can’t Today Be~

Valentine’s Day, I can’t say I know much about it and perhaps like most men I curse Hallmark and nearly every other retail outlet but loving your woman is something you should do every day. “Why Can’t Today Be,” other than being short one woman?

Lesson 226 ~LOVE Is A Great Power~

What’s more powerful than love, I can think of a few things but wouldn’t that mean I love them because I adore the idea of power, one day as Scarface put it “The World Is Yours” or how about Captain Planet “The Power Is Yours.” LOVE Is A Great Power.

Lesson 225 ~Meant To Be Free~

Every day I count one more link in the chain, Mr. Scrooge only knew greed, but money is not my evil, lust, guilt, fear, hate, I need to make a list, but hopefully, I’ll stop with seven, my slave masters. Meant To Be Free

Lesson 224 ~Write Me A Letter~

No, I’m not playing my cheerleader, and this isn’t a spelling bee, now if you have some of that Love Potion No. 9, I would probably use it to drown myself with it, at least it would keep me from talking. “Write Me A Letter,” leave it on the grave ha.

Lesson 223 ~SORRY, In Capital Letters~

Not for all the tea in China, see even that makes me feel like I owe an apology, but nobody is getting one unless they have four legs and fit snuggly in my bed or two and some good assets, then I’m sure I’ll know one word. “SORRY, In Capital Letters”

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