Episode 334 ~Tit For Tat Will~

Is writing on your skin anymore personal than writing these things, only a thought but I write and should be reading every day, I owe myself a few tattoos, a published book, and Chinese for lunch but here I am. “Tit For Tat Will.”

Friday, May 31, 2019

Episode 334 ~Tit For Tat Will~

Hey Lady Sophia,
I AM a Millionaire right now. How I long to tell you the story of how I made my first million. Two hundred thousand people having faith in me seems unbelievable. Like telling myself, B III will live forever or the fact that I even woke up.

If excuses were stories, I would be all over the place. I meant to read Think And Grow Rich; it’s been two days. I should have read these words already, but I couldn’t get to my table. How about writing down all the promises to myself. The UNIVERSE is so much the better storyteller. Giving me exactly what I’m thinking about, be it “Knock Knock” (2015) with Keanu Reeves. “Tape” with Isabelle Fuhrman and some rather tantalizing topics on IMDB. Still not counting it as PORN because it’s IMDB. It’s not like I’m looking up “Dirty Movies” like I said Cherry wanted me to watch a movie. A classic after I read the book, not that I’m blaming her. I think I’ve done enough to her as she’s reading “Sick Fux” she’s getting dirty looks.

I’m sure I would see one in the mirror if I cared to look. This whole post would be nothing but lists if Triple B didn’t need to go out. So I grabbed a pen and paper on my way back to bed. Should I be telling you the story of how lazy I am? Yesterday was Unload. This morning after I did my morning routine, I promptly fell back asleep. That is another story a sex dream. I think I know who the girl was, and I could find her in my collection. Only that would be a step too far. I mean Patreon will ruin my porn free streak, (I only saw her topless for a second). Regardless of what Brainbuddy thinks. Clearing my collection away would be watching pornography and would set me right back at one.

At least I’m not telling you I failed, which I did in the dream. Now the only reading I’m doing is the time on the clock and a Chinese menu. On top of dollars and let’s go ahead and call it a million bucks. The next will come when I pick a title for my new book, and I’ll start getting tattoos to remember them all. “Tit” meant something else right; Tit For Tat Will.

I Will Have No Fear

Episode 333 ~Porn To Be Will~

Sharia Law, The Handmaid’s Tale, or all the stupid laws on the books these days, I swear, I’ve started blocking Twitter with my hand because I know too many people and tomorrow, well there goes my streak. Porn To Be Will

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Episode 333 ~Porn To Be Will~


Come In Dirty Diana,
I AM a Millionaire right now, also a porn junkie. Am I growing something besides my collection, clothes, or creepy captions? According to Brainbuddy, yes. The question remains, and my new favorite game show. Now Ladies and gentlemen “IS THIS PORN?”

Let’s start with Episode 333, I noticed yesterday but more so today. Of course, this all started when I compared shudders and friend to porn stars. Brazzers and Reality Kings, nice? So yes, my former adult viewing has advanced in nearly two years. To this day, the word “skeevy” still gives me a chill. Now it goes right under “Stupid” and above “Stalker.” One I was that’s fair enough, the second I despise feeling, the last being an outright lie. Was it skeevy, yes, was it stupid? You know how I feel about wasting time, but here we are. Was it stalker-like, other than wanting to buy company stocks for the first time? Making her a villainess in a novel Hell since that night of reading I’ve never looked her up. Again Is This Porn?

I keep asking myself. Every day my Life Tree grows more. It’s less about avoiding NO FAP and more about leaving porn altogether. Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, on the last two, I haven’t avoided seeing a naked female. Dirty Diana, it’s not like I’m sticking around. Okay, five seconds for Sabrina Nichole who did Playboy and is now a cosplayer. I swear porn is one of those words like love but long story short. It’s meant to produce sexual arousal, and I didn’t look that long. No wood honest. Now, what about a book review and this blog. I finished a critique of an erotica novel. I looked up Jenna Rickert for one of my writing reasons too. So have I broken My Word to Brainbuddy?

Tomorrow another cosplayer is giving her farewell. I’ll be receiving an uncensored view drools. So yeah that is going to count as porn. I know another failure, and you know I’m not a competitive person. I do like winning. Lust, of course, is less of a sin than greed. Only besides breasts, I’ve thought about books and bucks, how I HATE MATH. If I could get 200,000 people to believe in me at five dollars in profit? I ask the lesser question about the little head but the big head too, Porn To Be Will.

I Will Have No Fear

Episode 332 ~Which Red Witch Will~

If I didn’t say it today, three months but I believe I can have the money by June 30th, hell I still remember when I was banking on PCH to come here, and they did, and another person won. Which Red Witch Will, I have choices a thousand, shout praises

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Episode 332 ~Which Red Witch Will~

Forgive Me Echo,
I AM a Millionaire right now. I’m going to have it all on June 30th. Now before you ask me where I pulled that number from (out of my butt)? No, let’s thank PCH always. Only I haven’t played it anywhere near how I once did. The Grand Prize will get me to Nevada and if not that, well? If I Had A Million Dollars as always.

So what’s the red witch, it was making myself feel bad in the shower; no not like that. We’ll get to it no doubt, but you know how my mind works. So I have to think about the worst thing I’ve done. Look at the Episode number. Remember why I started this blog once again. I wouldn’t allow myself to fall into anger Inspector Echo. Still, it remains, and the target is usually myself. That’s why I began repeating in my head, “June 30th.” The Universe will make a way; I could feel it more today. You know how I am at work usually, but I didn’t get tired. Brainbuddy is working, or it could be the Placebo Effect. Though I wanted to be sick to leave school, I tell myself I’m fine at work.

I’m fine, I’m great, but it’s hard. I can’t stress this enough; it’s so fucking hard (Language). I wish my neck were as powerful with this head not looking down. I have no directness of purpose besides the one million dollars. Can I blush, now that’s the question? What do I have to be embarrassed about Inspector? Chasing hoes (again Will) don’t get you paid. Spend no dough on the booty. My life goal does not change. I’ve proven that the more you have, the more you worry. There was a time I only had $300.00 to my name. I was going to spend that on some brunette or blonde. Hell, I’m surprised you know who didn’t kill my love of brunettes; driving me crazy.

So what’s with redheads and me. Besides the fact that I finished watching Lolita (1997) at Cherry’s behest. One of the few times I’ll admit I cared more for the movie than the book. That’s a great sin. Now she wants me to watch Pretty Baby (1978). Well, I did get her to read Sick Fux by Tillie Cole. Greater sins always await. Sorry but still Which Red Witch Will?

I Will Have No Fear

Episode 331 ~When Will Looked Up~

If I told you what my business was; well, it beats the alternative, and what word could I use, better to focus on being the husband I want to be, the lover, father, the man, who looked up long enough not to put her in my DVD. When Will Looked Up

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Episode 331 ~When Will Looked Up~

Dear Future Wife,
I AM a Millionaire right now, and I became so by looking down. Sometimes I think I’ve run through everything Spotify has to offer. I have found my purpose in the greatest of sins. So when I did look up, it was with fire in my eyes. According to my motivations. Albert Einstein talked about living in a friendly or hostile Universe. Only I became indifferent. People look down on me and now? Hell if I’m going to be this low, I might as well run it.

So when I looked up and saw you, well I’m not the singer I used to be. Anyone at my old Day Job can tell you that. In my current work, despite what people think of it, I honor women, I respect them. Still, you are so much more than my latest; you’re my greatest inspiration. I could sound like some macho chauvinist and treat you one way. And yes feminism confuses me, us being equal. So maybe it’s the primal instinct that says I should chase you. I know I call you a princess, an angel, my queen, a goddess. You should never elevate a woman so that you’re beneath her I read somewhere. Only if I did not, how would I run my business? If I didn’t, I would be the common man or worse, a Republican. I was following your lead, and quoting Madmartigan from Willow here:

I looked up, and that’s when I realized that I had something real to do. Love isn’t work, or a chore, if anything it should be like breathing. While I want the world, baby girl, you are my sky. Sigh that’s too much for anyone.

Now I didn’t have to put you on a pedestal, a throne. I didn’t have to knock on Heaven’s door. As the song goes, without you they’re never gonna let me in. One more reason I have never looked to any God. Because to me, Heaven is looking up when the kids say “look what mommy did.” It’s watching B III leave me and climb to your lap smirking. “If you want her, come claim her.” Paradise is lying in bed and seeing you right above me; I love you.

I don’t look up because everyone looks down one way or another. It wasn’t red, gold, and green it was you When Will Looked Up.

I Will Have No Fear

What Will You Crave Next? Book Review

Well, something is getting high when I read a title like this, and it’s the writer writing about a writer that somehow gets to me more than anything else and thoughts of having the dream girl in less than twenty-four hours? “What Will You Crave Next”

To think back to my school days. Reading was considered a crime. How dare I spend hours looking through the stacks. Like I was some addict of sorts looking for a fix. Only when I found it, put my hands on it? Well to this day, I still Crave that feeling, and that’s how I found K.M. Scott. Except instead of a library of brick and mortar; Kindle is a decent tool. Don’t judge me, some things I don’t want to repeat from school days.

It’s not every day that I peruse a novel about a writer. Why does that feel like cannibalism to me, writing about writers? Not that Crave is about such a macabre subject though it is chock full of wanting flesh. Would it be better if it was a book about drugs? Yeah, it has that, and then again it’s pretty DOPE. Yeah, guess what movie I went to see after reading K.M. Scott’s work. Might I add a first for me? So why do I bring together the idea of books and movies, seeing as how I’m no Hollywood guy. Should I call Crave such, with its drug addiction, bright lights of New York and even a celebrity sex drama?

Well, I’ll instead focus on the sex because that’s what we all came here for right. Our drug addicted protagonist of Ian Anwell, trading one vice for another. Call it infatuation, obsession, hunger, no I think K.M. Scott got the title right, no doubt. Next, we have Kristina Richards, the actress. There was a movie that said that love is an acceptable form of madness, and that’s what she is. A bit bonkers when it comes to her choice in men. Ian though, can’t seem to win no matter what, because only in a world such as this can emotions such as his be tolerated. So one would think, though he’s one for Secret Lovers.

I swear that’s the song that pops into my head when I listened to Ian speak though. This book has nothing to do with cheating unless you count Ian cheating on his dealer at any point. Or how Kristina is cheating herself out of a relationship. How much of a connection there was because again there wasn’t much of let’s say a “typical” relationship. Whatever you may hold that to be. This title is like a drug, a sweet “hit,” and then you’re left with, well a craving. So there are some sequels, yes, please.

Crave is a fast-paced love affair, with how not to win the girl. In the real world, at least. Though I know, there are so many fanboys out there that think Patreon should work this way when it comes to women. Speaking of women, it’s that double standard in a way. Well if a woman does it, we call it cute. If a man does even a quarter of it, someone calls the cops. It’s Titanic only way more sex and Jack is jonesing for more than his Rose portrait.

Now the blurb spills it but just in case spoiler alert. We have Ian, two books down, fame and fortune, looking for his next hit. Drugs, drinks, but it turns out to be a dame. The way some women get to a man, how I know the feeling. It turns out that Kristina is a big fan of Ian and of course it doesn’t take her long to shimmy out of her panties. That is if she were wearing any, allow me to play Homer Simpson for a minute drools. Next thing you know he has his new book idea and she becomes the protagonist for his work. His muse, now what did I say about writing about a writer. I did devour Crave quickly.

One of the things I both enjoyed and despised about this book was how close to home it got. As a writer myself, I’ve written about women, and I’ve seen the same thing. I didn’t mean to get so personal, but I read a lot of erotica. So it’s albeit confusing and fictional should be the keyword. But the story itself is fantastic, and well put together. Kristina did irk me some, but that’s at the end, and you’re going to have to read it yourself to find out. Only, seeing how there are three more books in the series, I hope they give details.

The end is thought out but and I say this about many titles. It’s as if the author was anxious to get to the finish line and didn’t specify what Ian’s actions meant. I get it, but I’ve read creepier things that are glossed over by the heroine. Too close to home, though I have never gone to Ian’s level. Now at least he and “Kristina” were sleeping together on the regular before she decided to bug out on him. She showed more understanding when he explained his drug addiction.

I’m not sure how many gentlemen are into these stories, but I’m always hoping it’s not only me. For women who are under the usual sway of Erotica, Crave will get you there. So to everyone else, will it leave you yearning for more? Yes, I give K.M. Scott’s Crave four stars, and I am usually a hard sell. Yes, I will be going after the rest of the series as well. Yes, I could stop, and this beats a few other vices that I have going for me indeed.

For the guys, it’s a dream come true. Imagine the hottest actress, singer, model, or cosplayer gulp you know. Now imagine you can have her in bed in less than twenty-four hours. Not knocking pizza guys, plumbers, or anybody but Ian was a bestselling author. Women, you’ll like the mad about you always gets the job done aspect. Until that desire turns into obsession and next thing you know. Cut to a guy being skeevy and wanting to get away. Crave is not a “starter” book for this genre since it jumps right in. As far as romance? Well, they did have dinner on occasion. However, the intimate aspects of the relationship are often direct.

The ending, now I fell way to fast into this story. Yes, I am counting that as a sin, I suppose when I’m looking for an escape; that’s not the author’s fault. Of course, personal preference but four stars is better than not reading it at all. It didn’t scare me away at all, for now, it’s an itch, like pizza or Chinese food from my favorite spot. You won’t regret this if you are willing to make the trip to go and get it and I will. Not like you need to take my word for it. The book, not the food ha. K.M. Scott has a library of books out and how did I get so lucky to find this one out of so many. Now it’s only leading me to many more.

A surprise from more book lovers. Like how Ian found his way to his drug addiction. By someone who liked his books and tuning into Netflix to see his woman before she even became his woman to be sure. Love if that’s what it is, was or will be between them can get you higher than anything on Earth. So I would like to take faith in but baring that for myself at the moment. I have to ask myself, What Will You Crave Next?

Episode 330 ~Stupidity Is Not An Entitlement~

Another day of mourning and remembrance, today is Memorial Day and a favorite restaurant of mine closing down shop, and yet my brain is full of thoughts of money and not being stupid with it, people deserve better. Stupidity Is Not An Entitlement

Monday, May 27, 2019

Episode 330 ~Stupidity Is Not An Entitlement~

Eighty-Sixth Rule Madam Justice

I AM a Millionaire right now, but I’m not stupid. Hell, Madam Justice if I were to name the top crimes, stupidity would surely be among the top five. It’s sad to say I share in the guilt of such a thing. No matter how much money I acquire, isn’t there a saying about a fool and his money? Anyway, this morning, my brain has been on fire with all sorts of ideas. Things like out of the Playboy Mansion.

Money, in a way, allows you to be stupid, which is why I watch some give it away. Though and yes, I’m a broken record. I have no respect for someone making billions and then having a charity “whatever.” Then handing over a million like that helps. How about those who share their wealth for a church. Look I want to see the Norte Dame. Only if you can raise over a half billion while people starve in the street every day, how did Chris Rock say it? “That shit is wrong.” I’ve also pointed out that if I ever mention the French Riviera or Caviar, shoot me. Look I will go to France one day, and I’ve never been inclined to taste fish eggs eww.

On the other hand, poverty makes people do some strange things. I’ve never tried pig feet or chitlins. My family has, though, like something out of slavery survival handbook.

Speaking of books, I won’t say my family is wealthy, but I am a bit hoity-toity. I don’t buy store brands. I’ll spend more if a company has done right by me in the past. As for the Day Job, once I have my salary, the store isn’t getting its money back. Even for discounts. I want enough money to stay me and to set me on my path to getting more. Oh, before I forget the great five ideas and the top five crimes.

  1. Convince Girls To Model For Me And Serve As Inspiration For Writing “Sex Sells”
  2. Find A Job At The Moonlite Bunny Ranch; A Driver, Ads For The Lovers, Busboy
  3. Escort Agency; Again As A Driver
  4. Start A Patreon With My Models, Ask Milf Dos
  5. Finish One Of My Books Finally

As you can see, I’m going over my time, which has been the theme for today. Well besides it being Memorial Day or the first day without the Seafood & Chicken Box. Americans didn’t die for us to be behind the rest of the world. Why don’t I ask, why didn’t I buy the restaurant? I’m still reaching for my million, and I could use the “goo” for the place I’ll open in Nevada when I make it there. I’m making plans, I didn’t inherit wealth, and that’s a good thing, I’m not stupid Justice; Stupidity Is Not An Entitlement.

  1. Destruction Of Spirit
  2. Rape
  3. Harming Animals Or Children
  4. Treachery “Donald Trump”
  5. Murder, Of Anyone That Doesn’t Have It Coming Somehow

I Will Have No Fear

Episode 329 ~Willing Open Treasure CHEST~

Sometimes it’s as if I’m Link from The Legend Of Zelda, jumping from chest to chest but at least he gets something for his trouble and has all the time in the world to figure it out; I have THREE MONTHS. Willing Open Treasure Chest, or Pandora’s Box.

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Episode 329 ~Willing Open Treasure CHEST~

To Will:
I AM a Millionaire right now, so how much should you have? If this were “Office Space,” it would be enough for two girls at the same time. So for today’s reminder, ahem THREE fucking MONTHS (Language Please). Yesterday I brought up the “Life Tree” on Brainbuddy. I said it seems that two days with but a mere second of boob watching, damn Twitter, you’re finally making progress. The tree has begun blooming.

Now I don’t blame you for having to break that streak today. Well, depending on how the Brainbuddy community answers in regards to Erotic novels. Only it’s Think And Grow Rich that has your attention. Learning how Coca-Cola came to prominence. For a while now the plan for your life is write a bestseller. Make one million dollars. Move out Nevada or California way and set up shop. Yeah, you gave yourself a year and at present $900 to get it done. “The Alamo Fund” but positive vibes. So now, this song is running through your mind “Ball Out ($500).” Which short story shorter is about having fun in a strip club for $500. It didn’t take that to get MILF Dos naked, “Okay” did it for free but how about these Six Impossible Things:

  1. I Will Keep It In My Pants (Day 047 No Fap) Real Girls Are An Exception
    Completed (Day 054 No Fap)
  2. I Will Be The “Father” My Dog Deserves
  3. I Will Name My Novel And Write A Back Cover Of It
  4. I Will Review Crave (Addicted To You #1) K.M. Scott
  5. I Will Make My Bed Every Single Day And Won’t Climb In Until Nightfall
  6. I Will Finish Reading Stretched Wide: A Collection Of 4 Stories – Interracial Erotica

Will you look at that, I got through 1/2. Though a correction for #6. “Stretched Wide: A Collection Of 4 Stories – Interracial Erotica Stories WWBM.” Now you’re reading “Think And Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill when you’re not thinking about Cherry’s ample chest. Speaking of which, where is your heart, again? You have $500 – $900 and three months, to get Nevada, and you’re not begging for it. You’re a man; men made God, men build Heaven, men, until zombies or aliens and nothing against women, rule. You want your bed to be a treasure chest. Girls climb in, you treasure them, they walk out, and somehow profit. Now it worked for Dennis Hof, but first, Six Impossible Things.

  1. I Will Keep It In My Pants (Day 054 No Fap) Real Girls Are An Exception
  2. I Will Be The “Father” My Dog Deserves
  3. I Will Name My Novel And Write A Back Cover Of It
  4. I Will Review Crave (Addicted To You #1) K.M. Scott
  5. I Will Bring My Main Email Count To Zero Finally
  6. I Will Finish Reading Think and Grow Rich: The Original 1937 Unedited Edition

Well, the community is being less than helpful on the does it count question. Still, they are attempting to be good people. Desire, addiction, obsession is no easy thing. Hell, you avoided, drinking, smoking, most other drugs besides Weed and LSD, many years ago. One more time you wasted a year; time’s up, three months. You go from pencils, pens but PIMP. You can Will so Willing Open Treasure Chest.

I Will Have No Fear

Episode 328 ~Will And The Bee~

Last week I talked about becoming Iron Will, but I would prefer Gold, and where would I spend all of it anyway, well we know that but how am I going to get it in three months, repeat it, June, July, August. “Will And The Bee”

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Episode 328 ~Will And The Bee~

Hey Lady Lu,
I AM a Millionaire right now, and I am doing my best to make more. Only it’s hard, Lady Luna; I’m talking 53 days or 51 if we’re speaking about Brainbuddy. Hell, I did it yesterday and feel sort of awful today. Avoiding the porn, I mean it doesn’t count right. If I look up a strip club? That I’m “friends” with a sex worker. Even Pinterest isn’t safe if you see one picture of Arnold and Helga. Today I wasn’t fast enough to avoid breasts on Twitter, a second My Lady.

Not to mention Cherry being the temptress that she is. No, I’m keeping the bucks in my pocket. No potential models and still not talking to that friend. She has got named The Highest Earning Legal Sex Worker In The U.S. dear Alice Little drools. She got me on my break, no doubt. A hiatus I’m taking, my No FAP Challenge. If I’m not thinking about dollars, it’s about me breaking every day. Today is only the second without porn. Haven’t I said over and over I’m not giving it up? For some reason I want to be the best, win. As Eric Thomas put it, you have to get tired of losing. I’m watching my Life Tree on Brainbuddy refusing to grow for anything.

Behave myself; I am trying, and don’t make me quote Yoda. Okay, I am replacing one vice for another. Greed for Lust, whether we are talking about The Seven Deadly or The Nine Circles. Wanting more of everything is always worse, but This Is America. Every day I sound as bad as a Republican. Women’s bodies, again I’m pro-choice, but money gets you everything. Only at this rate, I’ll use all the cash I got to cover all the breasts in the world. No, they’re more concerned with other lady parts. I’m involved with a million. For Nevada way, we start at $2,000. Cherry thinks she’s a million; I give her credit for feeling so great. Milf Dos is looking for votes for $25,000, so on and so forth, Luna.

A governor once said I ain’t got time to bleed. Sometimes it’s like I don’t have time to breathe. So when I do catch one, I feel I’m wasting my time. Only I’m no closer to breast, bucks, or becoming more. Who is that anyway, believe Will And The Bee.

I Will Have No Fear

I’m Superbad At Being Booksmart

If only my school had been well this, and with all the nostalgia I would never want to go back unless I’m friends with Gigi, though Molly and Amy were the stars and we’re reaping the benefits of an all-female Superbad. I’m Superbad At Being Booksmart

I’m Superbad At Being Booksmart

Is it wrong to say that I didn’t see all of Superbad? In truth, I was never one for teen movies. Nowadays I would say I relate more to Cameron from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, so that reveals my age. The film Booksmart is a lot more modern and plenty stupider, but in this case, it’s not a bad thing as it’s a laugh riot. More like it would start one I’m not sure which. I watched a few people walk out on the advance screening I saw. It won’t be everyone’s cup of tea.

If you liked Superbad and said to yourself, “what if the leads were girls,” then you have Booksmart. The same basic tropes, partying, looking to hook-up and plans over the summer. Minus the fetch quest for alcohol. Some adventures got left out of the trailer. You could be one of those types that watched Freaks and Geeks. You might have said it was a more accurate representation of any high school. More than say Saved By The Bell. My school days are long past, but I buy Booksmart more than Zack Morris no question. Are you only looking for a laugh with some funny women? Kaitlyn Dever “Amy” and Beanie Feldstein “Molly” bring it. Should I be thanking Olivia Wilde and Will Ferrell instead? The movie’s cast was new to me except for Billie Lourd “Gigi,” Lisa Kudrow “Amy’s Mom” and Jessica Williams “Ms. Fine.”

As for what you know, two smart girls are all Fuddy-duddy for four years. Then they discover this netted them nothing. Yes everyone appears to have bright shining futures ahead of them as well. Who would bother to bribe their way into college, yeah I couldn’t resist. So with four years of no mistakes. Molly the pushy one and Amy the reserved intend to make all the crappy decisions they can. On one night at one party and so let the hilarity ensue. There is also a touch of The Breakfast Club. Only not resigned to the school. Yes, we are meeting several characters throughout the last day of their class. And the morning after.

Don’t get your hopes up; there are a few promises of sex. The humor is all over the place, and if you’ve ever looked at a Barbie, a particular type of way drools. Nope, there won’t be any nudity. Still, I wouldn’t advise bringing the kids unless their headed high school way. I would call this movie an original piece, but somebody was a fan of the genre. Again, if you put these girls against the Superbad guys, I think you would have one great movie. It would work out.

Choosing between the two leads of Molly and Amy, I couldn’t. So I pick Gigi. Lisa Kudrow doesn’t have more than ten minutes. Jessica Williams will bring a bit more naughtiness. Only Billie Lourd’s character popped up everywhere and often. Other characters were a bit underdeveloped and were the standard stereotypes. The jock, the drama geeks. The “Village Bicycle” though that’s harsh as I’m talking about a high school movie. Gossip, and rumors, attempting my impression of a movie critic?

Now there is a lack of most character stories in part to be sure. Such friendship building shows brilliantly. You see Molly and Amy, who are besties at the start; you see how they both come into their own. Then run back to each other with everything happening. Jared and Gigi were another. Especially when you hear how Jared tells it and talks about a relationship. I won’t spoil any of these for you, because I’m not that kind of guy. Second, you saw some coming, and others were like okay a twist. Some we hear about on the news, but again this was high school driven. So when “him” and “her” come together well, the ending adds a bit to the humor. As always though people always find something to complain about these days, don’t we all know right.

Again Gigi was my favorite, and I adore Molly and Amy. Only the Pizza Delivery Guy played by Michael Patrick O’Brien. He reminds me how most people look at my studies. Relax I’m a writer and when the guy was talking which was in the trailer. Let’s say he knows a lot about certain things. Principal Brown acted by Jason Sudeikis, might resonate with teachers if Ms. Fine doesn’t. Though as a guy, most guys are asking, “where is my Ms. Fine?” Principal Brown had one of the funniest scenes when it comes to the “mechanics” of sex and finances. There’s no over the top sexualization of women. Well unless we’re talking about toys again showing the range of the leads. Still, they were in the roles of high schoolers.

For a movie full of new faces for me, while not mind-blowing if I saw them in another film, I’d be that more inclined to watch it. Now I don’t mean to offend anybody, though truth be told if it wasn’t for the free ticket? It did open me up to a whole new genre since the last “teenage” oriented movies I cared to see. They were about rebellion and dystopian futures. I watched the young women from those franchises blowup into household names. For these women, they indeed show so much promise no doubt.

If this were Fandango, I would give it a four out of five stars. So that’s what eight in IMDB and don’t get me started on Rotten Tomatoes as with the state of schools. That’s something I don’t quite understand yet, not that Booksmart is confusing at all. The highest praise I can give this is the fact that I would have paid to see it. Only no promises I’ll go and see it again, but the point is I’m thinking about it. Warning, you should turn away now if you don’t want a taste of the spoilers. I’m finally going to lay down here.

As for a favorite scene, I’ll have to go with the pizza place because it reminds me of my job. Not pizza, again writing and how the guy explained all the things that could happen to Molly and Amy. You figured that was way too much information, I’ve heard the term skeevy for a lot less. Again Gigi, nothing but love, still with the funniest scene involves something of hers. The aftermath of Molly and Amy as dolls. Amy is getting into herself with the prospect of remaining in such a form. The ending is a bit lacking but quite sweet, one of those gushy moments. I laughed during the credits; the wrong generation ha.

Unless you’re sure of the “maturity” of your kids, they should stay home. Now as for those first-year students and of course, seniors. Both high school and life will laugh their heads off at this movie. Your grandpa might have a few choice words. I’m not that old. Now the Mothers and daughters who have that BFF type of relationship? Wow was Molly sort of like Amy’s mom; what Amy’s actual mom did with that panda. Hell, what Amy did with that panda. Something they should have shown, okay I’m back they were good girls. Despite Amy getting arrested for helping everybody. The only thing I can say I didn’t like about this movie is along the lines of standing with Molly. That everybody getting drunk, high, and plenty stupid got into college. Imagine Modern Family. Haley and Dylan are getting into the same school as Alex and not only that but graduating with honors.

Of course who was looking for realism? Though Booksmart has a basis in reality or I hope so but my time is long past. Perhaps that’s the best thing this movie did is give me feelings of nostalgia for my days in school. For now, at least I can’t say I’m Superbad At Being Booksmart.

Episode 327 ~For A Willing Canvas~

I was never one for painting, and with my writing, I said something about creating a God and letting him put the world together and that has to spill out into the waking world, and there is plenty of room. For A Willing Canvas so?

Friday, May 24, 2019

Episode 327 ~For A Willing Canvas~

Hey Lady Sophia,
I AM a Millionaire right now, more than that if we’re counting every poem, story, and word. I’m not about to throw a Trump Tantrum about never having an audience. Don’t get me wrong; it’s been almost two years, so it’s about passion and desire. An OBSESSION which has gotten me into more trouble than anything. Porn, I can make it through the day. Twitter is a crap shoot. I’ve only spoken with Cherry, but I’m staying out of my pictures today.

The problem is everything is a canvas. I spoke yesterday about the “White Walls,” but you see why I prefer black. Only, it doesn’t allow you to say anything when you bathe in black. Now that would be a decent political metaphor. When I’m asleep, there are no worries. I saw a tick on B III’s ear last night so big concern. The thing is, getting it off became my goal. This morning I went and got a haircut so I won’t be pulling my hair out. What about black women? Again, please understand, all women are trouble in one shape or another. Now, this isn’t racism talking; African American women usually spell trouble. Do I sound weak I can’t handle some independent, Nubian queen while white women run away?

I’ll tell you there were a few that had the decency to shoot me down with dignity. The others; no, I don’t want to mention them today, it’s been rather good. Still, for the record, I prefer the women in books. How about those that I think about in my shower? In my new house, all black everything but the pages Lady Sophia will remain my asylum.

Along with the girl I marry. Only, “Think And Grow Rich” talks about having a definite purpose. You know my battle colors, red and black, Queen Daenerys Targaryen, a woman after my own heart. Now what I should see is gold and green. Those Lady Sophia are a testament of the artistic world.

Why do you think green has symbolized the color of creation often? Yes, I like nature, but give me the green I seek, and I will build a brand new world. Gold blinds us but with the black within me, which is worse? The black though now that comes from the mind, body, and soul where will I put it, women for A Willing Canvas.

I Will Have No Fear