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Episode 191 ~Just One More Will~

I heard in a softcore um movie once that it’s a disease this thing called love, and if the world didn’t need it so badly I’d go ahead and declare us all zombies, but that’s for one more day maybe? Just One More Will

Oh Is Love Blind

Have you ever noticed that porn has the best lighting, well okay movies in general, I wonder where I got the idea that love has to be done in the dark; closed eyes for a kiss, lights off, nighttime, even blindfolds. Oh Is Love Blind; what do you see?

Eye Admire

Why people kiss… keeps them from saying something stupid, gets them moving because you admire something and not move any closer; not counting a bulge in my pants. “Eye Admire” is keeping me from the conclusion of never wanting to see her again *sigh*

The Peeks of Love

Do you trust me… I’m honestly still waiting to see it for myself but it starts with a kiss and why are we not privy to that; because it would just look weird. “The Peeks of Love”, maybe I’ve seen everything but the real thing, I don’t know.

Heartbeats Frequency

Does it matter how loud it is, does it matter if has a tendency to skip anytime I see her in the morning or I touch her, I wonder would it matter if she were mine… oh my love-struck heart? “Heartbeats Frequency” somehow not enough

Air Cupid

I’ve asked for a pretty girl, I’ve asked for love, I’ve asked for everything, but the courage to just say hi but better to ask for air itself. Others find love with my words, the invisible man, or playing Cyrano de Bergerac. Air Cupid…

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